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I29 Sports and CFpromo are proud of the numerous local events and activities we provide products and support for! Our continued success will continue to be based upon being a tremendous contributor to local events in the future as well.

With this success we take as much pride in our desire to help improve the communities where we do business. One of the important ways we accomplish this corporate goal is through sponsorships across a wide spectrum of organizations. Whether that be through our time, money or goods/services, I29 Sports and CFpromo are committed to supporting the organizations, groups, teams and institutions that help support us. Giving back to our communities is more than a saying at I29 Sports/CFpromo, we live it every day and take great pride in seeing our sponsorship list grow year after year.

Below is our ever growing list of sponsorship partners that I29 Sports and CFpromo continues to support. We are glad to be able to help each community by enriching the lives of everyone associated with, or who can benefit from the help I29 Sports and CFpromo is capable of providing.

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Let us help!

If you think I29 Sports and CFpromo could help you and your organization, fill out this contact form or click below. Although we cannot help every organization or event, we do focus on helping as many as possible, with an emphasis on supporting those customers who support our goals and mission as well.

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