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Q. Trademarks & Promotion?

A: Multiply LLC assumes no responsibility for determining who holds title to any trademark or copyright. All liabilities of this nature rest with the customer. The artwork,design,and other trademarks on products in our catalog, website, or other media are reproduced for display proposes only, and do not imply/suggest endorsement by the trademark owner, or that the item was originally produced for the trademark owner. The customer agrees to hold Multiply LLC harmless for any claims of damages, costs or expenses resulting from using any unauthorized logos or trademarks. We do reserve the right to use all products produced by our company in our advertising and displays unless specified in writing to the contrary at time of receiving the customer’s order.

Q. Custom Product Design

A: Whereas Multiply LLC can assist a customer in developing a new product design, the customer takes full responsibility for any patent infringement that results from Multiply LLC copying an existing product design supplied by the customer. The customer agrees to hold Multiply LLC harmless for any claims of damage, costs or expenses resulting from any patent or copyright infringement claim.

Q. Logo and Digitizing Creation

A: Multiply LLC utilizes a state of the art and proprietary patent pending process to create, test and implement many embroidered and print decoration services and techniques on our products. In most cases these designs are only useful internally to Multiply LLC. Copyrighted logos are in fact owned by the providing party and can be shared or exchanged at any time pending the approval of the provider. However any digitizing, file coding, print press, film creation, print screens, PMS inks or any other internal decoration process or technique created or implemented by Multiply LLC is solely controlled by Multiply LLC and our internal proprietary processes and cannot be transferred and/or exchanged for ANY reason.

Q. Terms and Conditions

Multiply LLC does not assume responsibility for shrinkage, fading, or other problems related to laundering or wear of items. Products that have been personalized with printing or embroidery either on the back or front (including sleeve patches) and footwear/gloves with embroidery/printing CAN NOT be exchanged or returned unless the actual product is defective in some way. We receive all items BLANK with no printing or embroidery, and it is therefore considered a personalization of a product as soon as it is being printed or embroidered. Given the nature of the custom decoration business, there are certain instances where making a reprint or single item may not be possible or feasible. In these cases we will offer a full refund for the product in question and/or do our very best to reasonably accommodate a substitution of like item depending on the nature of each individual circumstance.


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